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Mission and Requirements

Diversity Scholar Mission Statement

The Diversity Scholars program is designed to recognize students who demonstrate academic excellence. The program not only recognizes merit in scholarship but provides students with an opportunity to promote and embrace diversity on and off campus. This program brings people together from different cultures and backgrounds to work on building unity through diversity.

Being selected to receive the Diversity Scholarship is an honor. It comes with responsibilities and obligations that are listed below. These obligations are designed to provide you with a greater sense of belonging and membership within the Diversity Scholar group; to provide you with information, expand your knowledge and appreciation of diversity, and give you access to resources that can aid you in being a successful student at Appalachian.  

It is our hope that you will continue to demonstrate the ambition that you indicated when you were interviewed for this opportunity, as you assist Appalachian in creating an inclusive, excellent community.

We are in the process of taking this program to new heights and increasing its visibility and value on campus. Together we can help demonstrate the value of a diverse campus and community.


Each Diversity Scholar must enroll in courses totaling at least twelve semester hours each award period and must maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. Failure to meet this requirement will result in probation or suspension depending on how far below the stated criteria the hours and/or grade point average fall and the attainment level of the other criteria.


All Diversity Scholars are to attend all scheduled monthly meetings. Class attendance, medical visits, university commitments and/or death in the family that are documented are the only excused absences that will be granted. All other absences will be considered unexcused. Two or more unexcused absences during the course of the academic year will most likely result in probation or termination from the program depending on the attainment level of the other criteria. Students who cannot attend the monthly meetings due to a conflict with a scheduled class or other university commitment should note that they are still responsible for meeting all of the other obligations of the program and for reading all correspondence and stay abreast of what was covered and of any requirements that were mentioned.  


Each Diversity Scholar is to provide fifteen (15) hours of community service to the university and greater community. We encourage each Scholar to attend university sponsored events in support of an initiative or event that aids the university in enhancing diversity on the campus. We also encourage our Diversity Scholars to participate in service to the broader community in the high country. Failure to provide fifteen (15) hours of service to the community and university by the end of the spring semester will result in probation or termination from the program depending on the attainment level of the other criteria.  

Program Contacts

Matt Dull
B. B. Dougherty Bldg.
828 262 2060 office

Traci Royster
B. B. Dougherty Bldg.
828 262 2060 office